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Do you remember the night outside
that bar and how room you gave
yourselves to be interesting? It
happened like this: there was no
thunder or lightening, no change in
weather or storm, nothing to signify
what would become of this boy that
looked at you like a forest fire out of
control. He had you back pushed up
against the side of his car with a pair
of hands around your waist, softly
breathing into the nape of your neck
and you could hear the sky
screaming, telling you to pick your
heart up off the ground and run, that
this boy would break you in two
given the chance. But you did not
listen, how could you when every
time you looked at him you saw the
last Christmas you remembered
being happy? Instead you stood
your ground, smoothed out your
blouse, and offered up your lips as
penance for all the sins you knew
you would commit. Because when
you turned 13 you started putting
yourself in shoes that didn’t fit you
right, kept going even though your
feet ached and your insides rubbed
themselves raw against your bones
and why should he be the first open
wound you can’t stitch back up? His
voice trembled and you could feel
the apprehension in his palms,
must’ve stood tangled in that
parking lot for what felt like hours,
didn’t even mind the spaces
between limbs that buzzed violent
with electricity. When you finally
brought your mouth to his it took all
that you had not to swallow him
whole because of all the lips you’ve
kissed, you have never been this full
of someone when it happened. Now,
they say it takes six months to fall in
love but for you it was those six
seconds with his hand on your
cheek and fingers in your hair that
had you all done in like a stack of
cards. It happened just like that.
There was no fireworks or ringing
bells, your father didn’t roll out the
calvary, never cocked his gun, the
flowers didn’t smell any different and
the pavement held your walk just the
same as it always had but in that
moment you knew this was a person
you wouldn’t mind making a home
out of. The kind of boy who months
later would put his mouth to the
hollow of your throat and whisper, “I
can’t believe I didn’t know what you
would turn out to be.”
"First Kiss" by Rachel Murphy

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Please be patient. I’m loving you the only way I know how. Rachel Murphy

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